30 days of hope project

JUNE is HERE! That means that #30DaysOfHope begins now!

Ugly Ducklings, we know that through this community we have helped, support and encourage lots of people, and both our lives as well as theirs have been touched by the positivity and the advice that we post here.

Two of our dear friends from when we got this movement going, Zachery, and Amy  -who are part of the Once Upon a Fan website- came to us to get this thing going. What better way to bring each other up than with #30DaysOfHope? 

So come! Don’t miss this for the world! Remember to follow us on Twitter, @UDucklingsInc, as well as @TheZachVan, and @Amylia403

30 Days of Hope

Sanah Jivani’s Natural Day

Team Natural, Sanah Jivani-banner

What if a doctor told you that you will lose all your hair in a matter of weeks?

What if you’re only 3 years old and your parents and you get this kind of news?

For some of us, it might have felt like the world would fall on you completely. And at first, that’s what it felt like for Sanah Jivani. But after some struggles, and thanks to her immense bravery, and the support she got from her loved ones, she got to discover who she really was and BE her true self (wig free, I might add).

And now, Sanah wants to challenge us, ugly ducklings, to do the same! Here’s a very special message for all of you!

It’s very easy. Just leave your make up in the bag, and comb your hair just a bit, and celebrate the uniqueness of who you really are. Here’s how #NaturalDay works, in the words of Sanah herself:

Send us your photo, together with the hashtags #NaturalDay, and #TeamNatural and we’ll share them with the rest of the community.

Remember: this February 13th! 

And if you want to follow Sanah on Twitter, click here.

“Support for my friend Heather”

Encouraging messages for Heather, with uterine cancer

One of my most recent favorite artists is Canadian solo artist City & Colour (for Dallas Green. Got it?). He has a very beautiful song called Hope For Now, and you can listen to it here. A part of the song says:

What if I could sing just one song and it might save somebody’s life?

What if we could join forces, and send encouraging messages, photos, drawings, poems, songs, and powerful words…and it might save somebody’s life?

A dear Ugly Duckling, Rebecca -who also sent us her Duckling Story a few weeks ago- decided to come to us and ask a very special favor. WE ARE ON A MISSION! Here’s how you can help:

Ducklings Unite!

I have a dear friend, Heather, who is battling uterine cancer. It has returned at a very early stage and is only back “a little bit”, in her words.

Nevertheless, she could use our Duckling support!

Heather, Rebecca's friend

This is Heather, getting ready for an 80’s sing along.

My idea is to do a show of Duckling support for her.

All I ask is for you to send encouraging words, quotes, poems, Scripture, etc. along to me and I will write them all in a beautiful book to present to her.

I think it will be a blessing and encouragement to her to look at it from time to time, as she again battles this disease.

I thank you all in advance. Ducklings, Unite!

PS. You can send me your messages to [email protected]

Let’s show how amazing this community is! and let’s shower Heather with beautiful, positive messages! Much love you guys, always.

– Marie,

The Tail Shaker.
The Ugly Ducklings Inc's swan